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Aerial Video & Photo Services

Big Buffalo Films offers professional aerial videography and photography services that capture your business, event or location from above. We are licensed as an FAA Certified Commercial Drone Operator, giving you the reliability of professional results, and the creative edge to exhibit your facility, property or event in unique style. 


Offering aerial photo and video for:

"About us" branding films

Exhibit your business, storefront or corporate headquarters with aerial imagery that captivates the target audience. We specialize in creating vivid branding films that tell a story, with a focus on ROI and sales goals. 

Commercial and residential real estate photography

Show everything a property has to offer. We'll address your specific needs to create stunning top-down sales visuals, generating special interest in your residential or commercial property listing. 

Special events, festivals and trade shows

Do justice to portraying your large-scale special event for all it's worth. We offer aerial imagery services that capture the big picture of your live event as it unfolds.

Roof, facility and utility inspections

Facility flyovers, roof inspections, and other utility imaging options that will save you time and manpower. Tell us more about your needs, and we'll take care of the legwork. 

Agricultural and land surveying

Assess crop conditions and spot problems before they spread with aerial agricultural surveys. Optimize your farm's IPM and save valuable time - the days of overland field scouting are over. 

See the Contact & Rates section for inquiries and pricing information
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